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In feng shui there are numerous factors involved in property selection. Here are a few basic tips that might help in initial stages of property selection. However, it is always advisable to hire a professional before investing in a property.

This is a three part series – the first two parts will deal with harmful external and internal features the third part deals with apartments. It is a well-known fact in feng shui that if the external feng shui features (external feng shui environment) are not good then the feng shui of the property must be affected. I would say that if the external feng shui is not good then there is no point looking further into the property as the auspiciousness of the site is already reduced. I have suggested a few remedies that can be applied to reduce the impact of negative external features please be reminded that remedies are not 100% solution to the problem however it will reduce the negative effects considerably.

Harmful external feng shui features

A straight road coming towards the property (T-junction), properties located at a V or Y junction or dead end

This is very inauspicious especially if the main door also faces the incoming road directly. The problems the members of this house might face are fickle mindedness, instability, health issues, and accidents. It is even worse if a similar road exists behind the property.

Remedy – To relocate the gate and the door of the house so that it doesn’t directly face the road.

Living next to a cemetery, hospital or a morgue

The occupants of the house may feel sluggish and tired all the time. They might also face health issues.

Remedy – To use a lot of yang energy like lights and vibrant colors especially towards the side that faces the cemetery, hospital or the morgue. If possible create a floral/tree shield between your property and the hospital/cemetery/morgue.

A pylon/transformer/streetlight/satellite dish/branch of a tree pointing towards your main door/entrance

This is not considered good as it hampers the quality of the qi that enters your house. In advanced feng shui study the location of these sha qi’s (harmful objects) are used to determine the kind of effect it might have on the occupants of the house. These kinds of objects carry harmful energy and a site is considered best if it does not have any of these objects in any of the sides.

Remedy – Relocate the main door. If possible increase the height of the boundary wall to block the view or create a shield by growing a tall tree.

Living in an area of cliffs, mountains with jagged peaks or an area with lot of loose rocks on the slopes

It is not advisable to have a house in any of the above mentioned areas.

Living too close to the sea, fast-flowing rivers and water falls

In feng shui water is considered to be important however living too close to the sea means the water crashing into the land, this is considered as destructive energy. It is the same with fast flowing rivers and water falls.

Living next to stagnant smelly water and drains

It is better not to live next to such water as it carries with it destructive qi. By drains I mean the huge water outlets, nearly all tropical cities have to carry excess water out during heavy rains. Most of the times these drainage systems are dry. It is not advisable to live too close to these as the qi patterns here are too erratic for a house.

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