Property selection – internal feng shui

Before buying or moving in to a new property you need to check few of the basic internal feng shui features that makes a site inauspicious or auspicious.

This article does not take ba zhai, fey xing, xuan kong da gua or any of the other feng shui system into account. These guidelines are to be regarded as basic guidelines while selecting a property. It is advisable to hire a feng shui consultant for complete evaluation of the property before making the final decision.

While checking the internal feng shui features, the most important factors to consider is the shape of the house, the main door, bedrooms, kitchens, internal doors.

The shape of the house should be regular without any corners missing. For this I apply a very easy method. Look at the house from all the angles possible. It should appear to have uniform surface, in other words there should not be any sudden protrusion or sections jutting out. A regular shaped house could be rectangular, square or round. Sometimes a house may have missing corners, if any corner is missing 25% or more, it is best to avoid the property. Only in some cases is this regarded as auspicious.

The main door is the ‘mouth’ of the house therefore it is important to check the quality of qi entering through the main door. For e.g. if we eat unhealthy food¬†then we are liable to suffer from indigestion, similarly, if the qi entering through the main door is harmful then the whole house will suffer. Here are a few tips to check¬†for the main door.

  • Main doors should not be located in constricted areas like corridors or side alleys.
  • Main doors should not be located under the staircase.
  • Main doors should not directly open to a staircase or a long corridor.
  • Main doors should preferably open to an open space that allows easy circulation of qi.
  • No external sha qi – transformers, pylons, straight roads etc should be located in the vicinity of the main door.

Bedrooms are a place of rest, where people spend a minimum of 6 hrs in a day. It is an area for rejuvenation.

  • Bedrooms should be regular shaped.
  • Bedrooms should be preferably located away from bathrooms, kitchens and staircases.
  • Bedrooms should preferably have only one door.
  • There should be no external sha qi – transformers, pylons, straight roads etc located in the bedroom sector.

Kitchens symbolize livelihood and health for the entire family. Therefore it is important to have the kitchen in the ‘correct’ area of the house.

  • Kitchens should not face main doors or rather the kitchen should not be visible directly from the main door.
  • Kitchens should be regular shaped.
  • The cooking area should not be too open e.g. island stoves or island cooking areas are not auspicious.
  • The entrance to the kitchen should not be constricted or blocked in any manner.
  • The kitchen door should not directly open towards a bathroom or staircase.

Internal doors and corridors are a way for qi to travel inside the house. therefore the locations of corridors and doors are important.

  • All internal doors should be easily accessible and should not be located in constricted areas.
  • There should not be too many corridors in the house.
  • Doors should not open up to long, dark, narrow corridors. This is especially bad for doors/rooms located at the end of the corridor.
  • Corridors should be well lit, windows located strategically in the corridors can help to get in light.
  • The main door and the back door should not be lined up. The back door should be well hidden from the front door.

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