Bedroom feng shui – general tips

Your bedroom is a place for rejuvenation. If you do not feel relaxed after spending time in your bedroom then there could be something wrong with the feng shui of your bedroom. I will be providing a few basic tips for arranging your bed so that you can have peaceful sleep.

Bad bedroom feng shui
Over head beams

Only when the over head beam passes over your bed it is considered bad feng shui. It is said that an over head beam can make a person feel pressurized and sick. Illustration below.

Bed located opposite a door

It will be wise to shift your bed if while lying down your feet point directly towards the door. In feng shui this is regarded as the “coffin position” only suitable for the dead. Sleeping in this position makes a person feel uncomfortable and edgy. Illustration below.

Bed located between a door and a window
This bed position makes you a light sleeper. The qi from the door enters and passes over you right out of the window. You could reduce the problem by keeping the door closed while you sleep. The best option would be to shift the bed. Illustration below.
Window behind the bed
This bed position makes you feel restless. You could be waking up several times during the night. If you have no other option then you could close the windows behind your bed. Illustration below.
Door next to bed
This bed position makes you feel uncomfortable. You will be disturbed every time someone walks into the room or leaves the room. You could reduce the problem by closing the door. The best option would be to shift the bed. Illustration below.
Avoid keeping showpieces over the bed head
Big show pieces or artifacts placed right above your bed head could give rise to head aches and migraines. A reason for not placing anything above the bed head is that a slight earthquake tremor or a strong gust of wind could make the artifact fall right on your head. Illustration below.
Avoid aquariums or fountains in the bedroom
Aquariums and fountains create yang energy – this kind of energy is required for us to work and do our daily activities. Bedrooms require yin energy – this energy helps us to relax and sleep. An aquarium or a fountain in the bedroom will make you restless and you will not be able to get peaceful sleep.
Good bedroom feng shui
The bed head is placed against a wall. The bed head side is free of overhead beams or any kind of artifacts. The bedroom door is towards a corner and the windows are located on the side wall. This allows the qi to move freely around the room. This is an ideal bedroom layout. All you require is soft lights and soft colours on the walls. Illustration below.
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