Property selection – Apartments

The most important factor to consider is the apartment building. If the building has any of the negative attributes listed below it is better to look else where. Most people think if the interior of the apartment is fine than they should not face any problems. The externals do matter in an apartment.

  • Check and look at the entire block(s)/building. It should not have any sha qi(pylons, huge obstructive structures, electric poles etc) pointing directly towards the main entrance.
  • The main entrance should not face a straight road, Y junction or V junction.
  • The building should have a regular shape. Modern architecture sometimes have large areas missing (25% or more is counted as missing area). Avoid such buildings.
  • Swimming pools should preferably be located on the ground floor and not on the top floor.
  • Swimming pools should be located on the side of the building rather than directly at the bottom.
  • The entrance of the apartment building should have a nice open space, lifts and staircases should not be narrow, dark and cramped. Lifts and staircases act as a carrier of qi, they should be well lit, clean and spacious.
  • The landing on each floor should be spacious and well lit.
  • Your apartment should not be located in the end of the corridor.
  • The main door of your apartment should not directly face the staircase or the lift.
  • While opening the main door to your apartment, it should open into a wide open space and not a cramped area.
  • It is also inauspicious if the main door directly faces the toilet door or a window.
  • The rooms should be regular shaped – check the bedroom, kitchen.
  • Look out of the windows of your apartment, there should be no external sha qi (pylons, building edges, roof top edges). If there are any sha qi’s it is better not to buy or live in this apartment.
  • The apartment should not have too many exposed beams.
  • Kitchens preferably should be located away from the main door. The kitchen should not be directly opposite the toilet (this is unhygienic).
  • Bedrooms should not be located directly opposite the main door. Anyone resting inside will be disturbed by the opening and closing of the door.
  • Walk around the building area and the apartment. Get a feel of the property. Stand inside the apartment it should be naturally well lit and airy. It should give you a warm feeling.
After checking the general pointers above, select a few apartments and then call a feng shui consultant to assess which apartment will be best for you and your family.
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