Google to Alphabet – ZeRi (date selection) case study

On 10th August 2015, Google underwent a huge company restructuring and is now under a parent company called Alphabet. This piqued my interest in Google – the company. I was quite surprised with what I found. It is an excellent example of zeri (date selection) being related to one’s natal bazi chart. It exemplifies the fact that, even if the quality of the day is terrible, if it interacts with your natal bazi chart you can still go on to form World’s #3 most valuable brand  (Forbes magazine).

Google, as a company needs no introduction. For those who have been living in the dark ages for past 20 years, here is a short introduction. Way back in 1996, two graduate students – Larry Page and Sergey Brin collaborate to make a search engine called “BackRub” which ran on Stanford University’s server. Eventually, they registered their own domain “Google” which is a play on the word “googol”, a mathematical term for the number represented by the numeral 1 followed by 100 zeros. Google continued to run on Stanford University’s server. Google was incorporated on 4th September 1998, so that they could deposit their first check of $100,000 given by Sun co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim. From a friend’ garage to World’s #3 most valuable brand. Here is where things start to get interesting for all ZeRi aficionados.

Google – the company
Google, as a company was born on 4th September 1998. It must have been a real special day, as it formed one of the world’s most valuable brands. Let’s take a quick look at the day.

4th September 1998
Year branch – Wu Yin (earth tiger)
Month branch – Geng Shen (metal monkey)
Day branch – Jia yin (wood tiger)

At first glance, according to any zeri (date selection) practitioner this date is an absolute no no. Reason being the year forms a clash with the month (yin shen clash); the month clashes with the day (shen yin clash). It is an extremely bad day indeed. Let’s see if there are any good stars according to the other zeri methods.

Master Dong Gong – Dire day. It says Jia Yin (wood tiger) day is one of the Four Direct Days. It is an inauspicious day on which any important activity should not be conducted.
12 officers – Clash (Po). It should be used to destroy something. Should not be used for important activities like opening a new business or signing a contract.
Na Yin – Water
Hexagram No – 63
Day XKDG No – 7 9
28 asterisms – Ox (Niu) – Disaster star. Not to be used for important personal or business activities. Not a good star to have present during contract signings.
No other good auxiliary stars are present except traveling star which indicates diversification, constant changes and fast growth.

None of the stars are of good quality, yet Google goes on to become World’s #3 Valuable Brand? Let’s check via xuan kong da gua method. As illustrated in the chart below for 4th September 1998 – the day element number 7 is same as the month element number 7 and the year element number 8 gives support/birth to day element number 7. However, even in xkdg method the day element number 7 doesn’t have any relationship (support/control/same element/he tu/combination of 5, 10, 15) with the birth year element number of either Larry Page or Sergey Brin. This led me to check their bazi’s and xuan kong da gua blood link’s.

Larry Page’s personal stars for 4th September 1998 (refer illustration below).

  • Yin (tiger) – red matchmaker, robbery, sun and nobleman star.
  • Shen (monkey) – heavenly virtue, dragon virtue, death and sword star.
  • Jia (yang wood) – month virtue star.

Sergey Brin’s personal stars for 4th September 1998.

  • Yin (tiger) – red matchmaker, robbery, and sun star.
  • Shen (monkey) – nobleman, dragon virtue, death and gold carriage star.

google-larry page-sergey brin-bazi-date selection

Both Page and Brin share same hexagram family with the year. Since the blood link is of children hexagram, it is good for material matters and quick wealth growth.

For Larry Page the xuan kong da gua blood links are as follows.

  • Wu yin (1998) and Gui Chou (Larry Page birth year) – Kan Li family

For Sergey Brin the xuan kong da gua blood links are as follows.

  • Wu yin (1998) and Gui Chou (Brin’s birth year) – Kan Li family
  • Wu yin (1998) and Geng Shen (Brin’s month branch) – Kan Li family.

Google to Alphabet
On 10th August 2015, Google announced major management restructuring. Google along with many other Google ventures is now owned by a parent company called Alphabet. Larry Page is CEO and Sergey Brin is the President of Alphabet. The new CEO of Google is Sundar Pichai.

In 2015, both Page’s and Brin’s natal bazi chart show major business changes. There are some interesting ZeRi (date selection) facts. Yi Wei (wood goat) year forms a direct clash with both Brin’s and Page’s year branch i.e. gui chou (water ox). However, gui chou and yi wei belongs to the same hexagram family Kan Li creating a blood link. Again, this is children hexagram blood link. This time the other stars are favorable as well.

Master Dong Gong – Excellent day. It says Wu Wu (Earth horse) day is ideal for opening business. Increase in material wealth within 60 – 120 days and no shortage of help from noble people in times of need.
12 officers Kai (open) Good for signing contracts, opening business, assume a new job position.
Na Yin – Metal
Hexagram No – 48
Day XKDG No – 3 4
28 asterisms – Heart (Xin) – Negative star. Star brings disputes and arguments.
Other auxiliary stars  Heavenly virtue; motherly storage star; Yang noble; Sun; year virtue combination.

There is xkdg children hexagram blood link present between the day Alphabet was announced and Larry Page’s and Sergey Brin’s natal chart.

For Larry Page the blood links are as follows.

  • Gui chou (Larry Page year branch) with yi wei (2015 year branch) – Kan Li family.
  • Xin you (Larry Page day branch) with wu wu (day branch – 10th August 2015) – Heng Yi family.

For Sergey Brin the blood links are as follows.

  • Gui chou (Brin’s year branch) with yi wei (2015 year branch) – Kan Li family.
  • Geng Shen (Brin’s month branch) with yi wei (2015 year branch) – Kan Li family.
  • Ji Chou (Brin’s day branch) with wu wu (day branch – 10th August 2015) – Heng Yi family.

Furthermore, in the illustration given above you will find that both Brin and Page have numerous auspicious stars on the day selected.

Larry Page’s personal stars on 10th August 2015 are as follows.

  • Wei (goat) – wealth, officer and year breaker star.
  • Yi (yin wood) – heavenly wealth star.
  • Shen (monkey) – heavenly virtue, dragon virtue, death and sword star.
  • Wu (horse) – Flower of romance, death charm and nobleman star.

Sergey Brin’s personal stars on 10th August 2015 are as follows.

  • Wei (goat) – sword, officer, resource and year breaker star.
  • Shen (monkey) – gold carriage, death and nobleman star.
  • Wu (horse) – flower of romance, death charm, cascading clouds and prosperity star.

When we compare Google incorporation date and the Google to Alphabet transition date; the latter is of much better quality. However, in the latter date there are certain negative stars that could create hiccups for the company. Makes me wonder, if Google which is now Alphabet, will become world’s first trillion dollar business?

Did you know?
In 1999, one year after Google was incorporated the founder’s wanted to sell it to Excite for $1 million. Even when they brought the price down to $750,000; the then CEO of Excite rejected them. They were looking for buyers all over Silicon valley and got rejected by each one including Yahoo and Altavista.

If you look into Google’s history, you will see that it has grown rapidly and fast. It is as if whatever Google does it cannot fail – Google Maps; Google Earth; YouTube; GMail; Google+; Blogger the list goes on and on. Google has constantly changed, diversified and grown at a rapid pace; from a simple but great search engine it has become a tech giant.

Undoubtedly, the Google hero’s are skilled but wouldn’t you agree that luck also played an important role in the events. For such luck, there has to be unison of tien di ren (heaven, earth and man luck).

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