Christmas feng shui tips – have the best Christmas ever!!

How do you describe Christmas – delightful, happy, time to bond or an absolute nerve wrecking nightmare?  Last year Panasonic’s survey revealed that 85% of Britishers found hosting Christmas day “stressful”. Do you wish to be in the “HAPPY” 15% category? A little bit of feng shui magic can make your Christmas truly blissful.

Gift yourself a delightful Christmas

Here are a few feng shui tips to ensure you and your loved ones have an awesome Christmas filled with laughter, joy and happiness.

Placing your Christmas tree

  • The best room to place your Christmas tree would be the north room in your house or your office. If this is not possible then place it in the north side of any room.
  • Another good room to place your Christmas tree is the southwest room.
  • Avoid placing your Christmas tree in the northwest and east room. You will have a tough time putting it up and things could go bad such as decorations being damaged; lightings going off. If you have to use any of these rooms place the remedy mentioned below. christmas-decoration-314701_1280
  • If you have to place your Christmas tree in the east or the northwest room then use a lot of metallic, white and grey decorations such as silver Christmas balls; golden stars; white angels. If possible avoid reds and go low on the green. You could simply go with a white Christmas theme.

Enjoying your Christmas eve party

  • Host your party in the north room.
  • The next option is to use the south room.
  • Avoid the east room as you will land up having arguments and confrontations with your guests.
  • If you are have a buffet dinner then avoid placing the food or the bar counter in the west. People could suffer from food poisoning or drink too much.

Avoid kitchen mishaps on 24th Decemberchristmas-583369_1920

  • If your kitchen is in the center, southwest, east or the northwest of your house then be prepared for unnecessary delays and last minutes disasters. Have a backup menu ready. Place the remedy mentioned below.
  • If your kitchen is in the west then be careful while cooking. There could be incidences of food poisoning.

How is the day for you?

  • Born in 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012 – breathe. You will feel overwhelmed and pressurized by your extended family, friends etc. Avoid confrontations just breathe.
  • Those of you born in the day of the dragon (chen) – avoid raising your voice or having arguments with your spouse or family. You will just worsen your day. Be calm. Go for a short drive.

Remedy for east and northwest

  • Avoid reds.
  • If possible place salt water remedy – in a medium sized glass or ceramic bowl fill ¾ with salt and top it up with water. Place 6 Chinese coins and a silver colored coin.

Wishing you and your family


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