7 feng shui mistakes to avoid in 2016

7 feng shui mistakes to avoid in 2016 [infographic]

In feng shui “prevention is always better than cure”. Every year I meet many people who make unintentional feng shui mistakes and suffer the consequences. Personally, I have seen people getting duped by their business partners; having near fatal accidents; getting into major legal entanglements; suffering from wrong financial decisions; marriages falling apart and the list goes on. The reason they have suffered is because unknowingly they have violated certain annual feng shui rules.

Let’s start with a graphic you can use for future reference. This infographic will help you and your loved ones to be informed about what not to do in 2016 so that you can be healthy, happy and prosperous in 2016. If you are confused with all the information then bookmark this page or better still take a print out of the same.

7 feng shui mistakes to avoid in 2016Feel free to share or use this graphic on your blog posts. Please just link back to this post as a credit.

Okay, now let me explain the 7 feng shui mistakes you should avoid in 2016.

No construction, renovation or loud noise in northeast
Northeast is afflicted with the #5 yellow star and northeast3 (yin) with annual year breaker (tsui po). Any construction, renovation or loud noise could trigger the negative stars and you could face a myriad of problems starting from financial problems, difficult to diagnose sickness, bankruptcy, accidents etc. If it is absolutely imperative for you to do construction or renovation in this sector or room then do consult a professional to select an appropriate date and time for you.

Avoid red colour or fish bowls in south rooms
The south is afflicted with the annual san sha (three killings) star. If you place red colour you will aggravate the san sha, hurt the senior most male member of the house or a gua 6 person. A fish bowl in the south is not recommended either as it will trigger the negative effects of san sha. San sha is one of the reasons for robbery; sexual harassment; in severe cases rape; unnecessary delays.

Avoid loud noise, construction or renovation in the center of your house/office
The center is affected by the #2 yellow star. This star represents mild delays; mild sickness and generally causes irritation. If your music speakers or TV is in this area then turn your volume low.

Avoid using northeast room as bedroom/office
Anyone using this room will suffer from long term difficult to diagnose health problems. It could develop into cancer or any such major illness. Using this room will cloud your judgments and you will be unwilling to listen to any form of advice. Your business could suffer as you might make wrong decisions.

Don’t use northwest area for meetings and customer care cell
The northwest is playing host to #3 jade star. This star if triggered will create arguments, confrontations and in serious cases legal hassle. I am sure you don’t want any of these issues to crop up with your customers or during your business meetings.

Robbery in north
One of the negative attributes of the #7 red star is robbery and you could get physically hurt by this robbery. In north it could also mean intellectual property theft. Keep your computer password protected and your notes under lock and key. If your main door is located in this area, have a good security system in place. If you happen to walk in during a robbery avoid getting entangled with the robbers; you could get hurt.

Be careful while placing water feature in the southwest
The annual wealth star is located in the southwest. However, both southwest1 and southwest3 are afflicted, hence you can only place your fish bowl or wind chime in southwest2. If you have no idea on how to take compass measurements than avoid placing any kind of active enhancer e.g. aquarium; fish bowl; red objects; wind chime in the southwest.

Wishing you and your family a great Bing shen (fire monkey) year!

Note : This is a generalised list of feng shui mistakes to avoid in 2016. For a more detailed analysis of your house/office you could opt for an online annual feng shui consultation.

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