Feng shui tips for July 2016

Flying star 6Did you know that the stars in your room change every month?  This means, that last month, the room that helped you to make profits or find love, could create financial issues for you this month. Follow the few feng shui tips listed in this post to have a happy, healthy and prosperous July 2016.

A feng shui flying star analysis helps you to know how the stars in your room can affect your life e.g. if you are using the west room in your office, then, you are bound to see an increase in your income. In the case, you are using an inauspicious room, then, the best approach is to understand the effect of the stars and be aware of your actions e.g. if you are using a southeast or north room, and you know that it can create health problems, then, be careful regarding your health; visit a doctor if you or your family member falls ill.

The auspicious rooms in July 2016 are west and south. The inauspicious rooms are southeast, north and northeast.  In the month of July 2016 avoid doing any renovation; construction or repair works  in the center, southwest 1 & 3, south, northeast and north.

Where is the money?
This month the wealth star is visiting the west room. If you are using the west room as your office, or your business is located in the west corner of the building, then you will see an increase in your income. You will get the opportunity to invest in fixed assets such as property; land etc. This is an excellent room to host financial meetings.

If you don’t have an office or your business is not located in the west, don’t worry, open the windows in the area and let the wealth qi flow in. Alternatively, you could place a wind chime or pendulum clock in the area.


Be healthy – avoid these rooms
Ever suffered from continuous minor health issues such as an upset stomach, flu etc? If yes, then, you have been a victim of the #2 black star. This star causes minor but irritating
health issues like stomach problems, flu etc. In the month of July, the occupants of the north room, middle-aged males of the house especially the middle son, Gua 1’s and people born in chou  (ox) day are prone to health problems. Health issues could be related to the stomach problems or you could suffer from issues related to the throat; lungs; mouth and food poisoning.

If your kitchen or dining room is on the north side of the house then be careful while preparing food. If your door is located in the north then you could be a victim of food poisoning while traveling. It will be wise to carry antibiotics while traveling. Expecting mothers; seniors of the house; babies and recuperating patients should avoid this room.

If your electrical main are in the area or your kitchen is located in the north then double check all your fire and electrical equipment. There are chances of fire hazards due to malfunction of equipment.

Remedy – The best remedy is to avoid the room. In the case, this is not possible then place six Chinese coins and salt water remedy in the room.


Avoid using the southeast room at all costs. Difficult to diagnose health issues, obstacles at work and financial problems. Abdominal pain, dysentery, bladder issues and gyne related health problems could occur. You could also be prone to sexually transmitted disease, food poisoning, kidney and ear problems. Expecting mothers; seniors of the house; babies and recuperating patients should avoid this room.

Remedy – The best remedy is to avoid the room. In the case, this is not possible then place six Chinese coins and salt water remedy in the room.

For the academically inclined

In July, use the south room to achieve your academic goals. If you are appearing for an exam you should use this room regularly especially for your studies. Poets, writers, composers, lyricist, graphic designers, artist etc will find their creative juices flowing in this room.

Matters of the heart
South & East
Are you looking for a long term committed relationship? If yes, then you will benefit by using the south room. You can even use this room if you are already in a relationship and want to tie the knot. Ladies belonging to Gua 9 and using the south room will find it easier to attract love into their life. Men especially Gua9’s looking for same gender relationship will benefit by using this room.

Looking for a short relationship then use the east room as it is more suitable for flings.  It is also suitable for females especially Gua 8’s looking for same gender relationship.

Already in a relationship? Couples looking to reignite the spark in their life should use the south room. In the case you can’t use the room, activate the star by placing a bowl of fresh water and petals in the east area. Change the petals whenever they are dry or dirty.

Note – This is a generalized feng shui prediction solely based on flying star feng shui analysis. Other feng shui methods have not been used. 

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