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DIY feng shui – know your house facing direction

The first step in DIY feng shui is to know your house facing direction. In some buildings, it is easy to judge the facing direction because it is the same as the main door direction (illustration is given below). But, when the direction of the door and the direction of the building facing is different, then one needs to judge the situation. In this blog post, I will be sharing a few examples of how to judge the house facing direction. The examples given below are real life examples taken from my consultation files. You will also know how to take compass measurements and the 24 directions in feng shui.

Various calculations are dependent on the facing of the house, therefore you really need to understand this theory well. Judging the facing of a house is not difficult I do so by looking at the entire house/building from a distance (this is just one way to go about it) and see where the main qi is coming from.

Door direction and facing direction is the same

Feng shui measurements - house and main door facing

Door direction and house facing direction is different

Feng shui measurements - different door and house facing

Explanation: The main door of the house is located on the side of the house. It is a small lane of around 5 feet. The main qi is coming through the windows (LW), the side where the main road is located. ^

Apartments – Different apartment unit door and  building facing

This is an apartment building facing the south direction. The main door of the apartment faces north, windows on the south. The house facing is taken as south. ^

Feng shui measurement - house facing

Fengshui measurement - apartment main door and house facing

Hillside buildings

This is a building located on the hillside. The main door direction faces the south but the house faces north.

Feng shui measurement - hillside buildings

Explanation: The north side of the house has lower grounds and the house receives its qi from the north. The southern side has a hill. In other words, the house has back support (black tortoise) in form of the hill in the south. There are buildings on both sides (right and left) of this house. ^

Corner of two streets

When judging the house facing located at a corner of two streets, you need to know a few rules.

  • If both streets are equally busy, the location of the main door will determine the facing of the house.
  • If the main door does not face any of the streets, the side that has the maximum number of windows which faces the street is the facing.
  • The busiest street is the facing especially if the main gate and/or main door and/or the maximum number of open windows are in that direction. ^

DIY feng shui - corner house

House blocked on all sides

Below is the diagram of a building that has a building in the front, back and one of the sides. There is a small lane of about 5 feet on one of the sides that lead to the main gate of the house. The diagram is given below.

Feng shui measurement - house facing for building blocked on all sides

Explanation – Here the windows which are located next to the 5 feet wide lane, bring in the maximum qi into the house. Therefore, the facing of the house is the side with the maximum number of windows. ^

Building with busy roads on all sides

The diagram given below shows a building with four lane busy roads on all sides. There are several entrances to the building. Across the road, all the other plots have got buildings (same height or one floor smaller) except one plot that has a big open field beyond which there is a lake. ^

House facing measurement - building surrounded by roads on all sides

Taking compass measurements

Now that you know your building facing direction, you will have to take the compass measurements of the same.

  • Always ensure that you are not standing next to any electrical transformers or electronic gadgets, metallic gates. Avoid any area that might have an effect on the compass reading.

  • Not all houses have 90 degrees wall so you have to be careful while taking the measurements (always look at the floor plan first before beginning to take the measurements).

  • You will require a reliable compass for this. Buy one that has all the 360 degrees outlined or you could also opt for a reliable digital compass. A Luo pan (Chinese feng shui compass) is not necessary for beginners.

  • Carry a small notepad and pen to write down the measurements.

  • Stand at the center of the house facing direction or the main door (if your house facing and the main door direction are same) and point the compass outwards. See diagram below.

    feng shui - compass measurements

  • Write down the measurement on your notepad.  If your compass reading falls in between the mountains or trigrams then it is better if you recheck your readings by taking two other readings. ^

24 mountains (directions)

The first column contains the degrees and the second column contains the relevant direction.

337.5 - 352.5 North 1
352.5 - 7.5North2
7.5 - 22.5North3
22.5 - 37.5Northeast1
37.5 - 52.5Northeast2
52.5 - 67.5Northeast3
67.5 - 82.5East1
82.5 - 97.5East2
97.5 - 112.5East3
112.5 - 127.5Southeast1
127.5 - 142.5Southeast2
142.5 - 157.5Southeast3
157.5 - 172.5South1
172.5 - 187.5South2
187.5 - 202.5South3
202.5 - 217.5Southwest1
217.5 - 232.5Southwest2
232.5 - 247.5Southwest3
247.5 - 262.5West1
262.5 - 277.5West2
277.5 - 292.5West3
292.5 - 307.5Northwest1
307.5 - 322.5Northwest2
322.5 - 337.5Northwest3

Let’s take an example – your compass reading is 176.8 degrees, from the above table, you know your house facing direction is south2. Similarly, 68.1 degrees will be east1.

In the case, your house facing falls in between two mountains (directions) then repeat taking the measurements^

Can’t judge your house facing direction? The above examples don’t match your situation. Click a photo or draw your house and its surrounding; take your compass measurements; mail it to me with the subject line as House facing – blog post. I will add unique house facing examples in this post. ^

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