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DIY feng shui – your house’s auspicious locations (BaZhai)

Feng shui is the study of how you as an individual, can get the maximum return from your home; office; land or property. In this post, you will know how to find the four auspicious locations (rooms) in your home and office. Have a pen, notebook, transparent printing sheet, compass and your floor plan ready.

In one of my earlier post’s, I had written about how to take your house facing measurement. Today we will use your house facing direction to find the four auspicious locations of your home or office.

How to find the auspicious rooms on your floor plan?

  • Find the center of your house on your floor plan. Take the full length and breadth of your house. Let me give you an example from one of my consultation files; in the floor plan given below the length of the house is 77 feet and breadth 37 feet. From its dimensions, it’s clear that it is a rectangular shaped house. You have to divide the length and the breadth by 2. From the example, half of the full length will be 38.5 feet similarly half of breadth will be 18.5 feet.

Floor plan

  • Stand in the center of your house. From the center face straight towards your house facing direction and take the compass measurement. For e.g. in the diagram given below the house faces 2 degrees north.


  • Now you will have to divide your floor plan. To make it easy I am providing the 24 directions with the 8 divisions below. Just take a print out of the 8 divisions on a transparent sheet and adjust the degrees with your main door. If you prefer doing it on your own then the eight directions will be divided as given below.

North (352.5 – 37.5 degrees)
Northeast (37.5 – 82.5 degrees)
East (82.5 – 127.5 degrees)
Southeast (127.5 – 172.5 degrees)
South (172.5 – 217.5 degrees)
Southwest (217.5 – 262.5 degrees)
West (262.5 – 307.5 degrees)
Northwest (307.5 – 352.5 degrees)

24 divisions feng shui

  • Your floor plan is ready with the 8 directions marked. You can find the exact location of your internal doors and windows as well. ^


Four auspicious locations (rooms) of your house

Refer to the horizontally scrollable table below to find the four auspicious locations (rooms) of your home.

House facing directionAuspicious direction 1Auspicious direction 2Auspicious direction 3Auspicious direction 4
SouthSoutheastEast SouthNorth

For e.g. for houses facing 2 degrees north. The auspicious locations are east, southeast, north, and south. ^

What do the four auspicious locations mean?

Sheng qi – auspicious location 1

Sheng qi is extreme yang energy with the ability to generate new things, it means generating or life-giving energy. This qi can help you to generate wealth, gain power, conceive, boost your career, get promoted at work, have a healthy life. Before you jump up and start checking your locations I would like to add a word of caution – avoid using this location (room) as your bedroom. Sheng qi is yang in nature hence, you will not be able to get a peaceful and relaxing sleep. Sheng qi  room should be avoided by hyperactive people – both adults and children; however extremely useful in the case of lazy or laid back people.

Sheng qi room can be used as an office for CEO’s, COO’s, CMO’s, Sales directors, politicians, and any person with an authoritative post who require making quick and effective decisions.  It is also useful for people whose job require them to be constantly on the move. You can also use the sheng qi room if you are looking for a promotion or a career boost. ^

Tien Yi – auspicious location 2

Tien Yi means heavenly or celestial doctor. This room can be used to cure illness. Use this room as your bedroom, it will help you to lead a healthy and long life. For chronic patients, it is better to use fu wei room then tien yi.

Using this room ensures that you will always have helpful people (noble people), people who will help you to achieve your goals. You will be blessed with good oratory skills.

The qi of the tien yi room enables a person to have the talent in curing sickness. You will also be able to amass wealth. This room can be used as an office for doctor’s; healers; orators; speakers; teachers; charity workers; philanthropists;  CEO’s and COO’s of charity organizations, hospitals etc. ^

Nien Yen – auspicious location 3

Nien yen means longevity. This room can be especially used for relationships; harmony between husband and wife. It promotes goodwill and harmony amongst family members. If you are still single and unable to find Lady love or Prince Charming then you should use this room. Couples using the nien yen room as a bedroom will have a healthy sex life.

Networking is vital for any industry, using the nien yen room ensures good networking skills and enables a person to acquire wealth through his/her interpersonal skills.

PR managers and personnel; marketing managers and personnel; journalist ( a good network is vital for your news); front office managers and personnel; any person in the service industry should use this room as their office room. ^

Fu wei – auspicious location 4

Fu Wei means lying down position. It is for general prosperity, can be used for personal development and studies. If you use fu wei location you will never face problems. Insomniacs; hyperactive children or people who have disturbed sleep should use fu wei room as a bedroom.

At work fu wei room is good for maintaining one’s position and taking administrative decisions. This room can be used for administrative managers and personnel. Fu wei qi increases personal abilities, clarity, and focus. Therefore students; accountants; analysts; researchers etc. can benefit by using this room.

You can also use the fu wei room as your prayer or meditation room. Patients recovering from chronic diseases will heal faster in this room.^

Don’t loose all the hard work you have done today. Keep your 8 divisions transparent sheet and your floor plan handy. Next week’s post will be on 4 inauspicious locations of your house.

Tech info – 4 auspicious locations is based on the zhai gua bazhai feng shui system.

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