Feng shui tips for diwali 2016

Feng shui tips for a happy Diwali

Diwali is also known as the festival of lights. We light oil or ghee lamps inside as well as outside our homes and offices; burst crackers; spend time with our family and friends; play cards; host parties. This year the main religious events will be held on 28th October – Dhanteras and Yam Diya Puja; 29th October most people prevailing from Eastern India will perform Goddess Kali puja and 30th October Diwali Lakshmi Puja will be performed. Amidst all the fireworks and fire related celebrations there is always a chance of fire related accidents. In this post, I will share the locations (rooms) or areas that are most prone to fire related accidents during 28th, 29th, and 30th October. You will also know the perfect room for hosting your party. For ease of your understanding, I have included an infographic as well.

Have fun without any fire related accidents

On all the three days of celebrations ensure you place salt water remedies in the center, northeast, west and southeast rooms and corners of your garden.  If possible avoid lighting large lamps or candles in these areas. In the case, you have to put lamps in the above-mentioned areas then use large lamp metal holders.  Avoid using red or fire color decorations, opt for earthen colors and decorations or hues of blue.

Below I am providing a list of areas that are accident prone during 28th, 29th, and 30th October respectively.

  • On 28th the northeast and center of the house are more prone to accidents, it could be fire accidents. Blow out the lamps if you step out of the house.
  • On 29th the south, northwest, southeast are the accident prone zones.
  • On 30th center, east and  west are more accident prone zones.

Since crackers are burst outside in the garden or in an open area you should try to avoid the above-mentioned fire accident prone areas. If your garden falls in one of the fire accident prone areas then place large metal objects in the area. Avoid red and fire colored decorations in the area. E.g. Your garden is located in the southeast of your property. Since you know that on 29th October southeast is prone to fire related accidents you could place white colored metal chairs or lamp holders (without any lighted lamps) in the area. For decorations, you could use earth colors and different shades of blue.

Just to be on the safe side have a safety kit and fire fighting equipment handy, I hope you don’t have to use any. ^

Throw a great party

Below is a list of the best rooms to host a party. The annual, month and daily stars present in these rooms increases happiness and enhances any celebrations. Host your party in one of these rooms, I am sure your guests will be speaking about your amazing party long after Diwali is over.

  • 28 October – east and southwest rooms.
  • 29 October – east and southwest rooms.
  • 30th October – southwest and south rooms.

Avoid hosting a party in the northwest and/or the center room, you could have issues with your guests or the guests could get into a squabble with each other. Guests will be easily irritated.

Kitchen or dining room located in the west, northeast, southeast or center? Have a backup menu ready. There will be last minute changes or ingredients could go bad. In worst case scenario your food could get burnt. ^

Infographic – Feng shui tips for a happy Diwali 


Feng shui tips for a happy diwali infographic

Let me know how was your Diwali. Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and safe Diwali. ^


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