wrath of tai sui & san sha

Wrath of Tai Sui & San Sha

Feng shui is all about rules. What you should do and shouldn’t do. This post is about what happens when you disturb Tai Sui (Grand duke of Jupiter) and San Sha (three killings)

Tai Sui is an annual inauspicious star also known as the “Lord of the time”. The thumb rule for Tai Sui is that its location shouldn’t be disturbed.

San Sha is another inauspicious star also known as “three killings”. The thumb rule is same as Tai Sui; the location shouldn’t be disturbed.

So what is Tai Sui?

The Chinese year contains a branch and a stem. The branch of a particular year represents the animal of the year; this branch also represents a sector in your home or office. For e.g. the year of rooster has Tai Sui located in the west. For all the feng shui aficionado’s the exact location of Tai sui in 2017 is  you Y(262.5 to 277.5 degrees).

As a rule Tai Sui shouldn’t be disturbed. Why? Because the energy qi in the area is extremely strong. Also would you really want to disturb the “Lord of time”.  After all it’s the lord or king of the year.

What happens if you disturb Tai Sui?

The ancient texts have a fatalistic outlook on this – it states that it could lead to number of problems starting with death; accidents; surgery; bankruptcy; litigation; illness; obstacles and hindrances. You get the drift nothing good can happen if you disturb Tai Sui.

Remedy after disturbing Tai Sui

None listed in any ancient feng shui texts, in other words only the ignorant will disturb the star and face the wrath. When my clients unknowingly disturbed Tai Sui, I tried something, it seems to be at least protecting them; however the year is only halfway over. I will only be able to give a clear assessment after the year is over.

What is San Sha?

As if Tai Sui wasn’t enough the same clients disturbed San Sha. San Sha also known as Saam Set if translated it means three killings; now don’t get scared with the name, it simply means three kinds of problems.  It is an annual inauspicious star whose location shouldn’t be disturbed.

The technical side of san sha. Every annual star (branch – animal sign) of any year belongs to a frame called the three harmony combination; there are four frames – metal m; water a; wood | and fire f. The direct opposite direction of the frame is the san sha direction. E.g. in 2017 You Y year belongs to Si U You Y Chou C – metal m frame; the san sha location is east  (52.5 to 127.5 degrees) wood | (yin y jia J mao M yi I chen c).

As a rule San Sha shouldn’t be disturbed. Disturbance would be caused by construction; renovation; digging land; loud noise including banging doors in the san sha area.

What happens if you disturb San Sha?

It depends on which area you disturb; if disturbed each san sha sector has a  different outcome. Depending on the area disturbed you could get robbed; face delays; face sexual assault; face verbal assault from the opposite gender;  face traveling delays and problems; have accidents; face relationship issues between couples, business partners; misunderstandings; surgery; be betrayed and all your garden variety of problems.

Remedy after disturbing San Sha

Again the ancient texts have no remedy for San Sha after it is disturbed. However contemporary masters use a remedy for san sha areas. Depending on the location of the san sha you can place the elemental remedy. For e.g. in 2017 the san sha is located in the east; wood san sha therefore you can control the malefic outcomes by placing metal in the area.

Real life case where both San Sha & Tai Sui was disturbed

It’s a commercial establishment with three partners. Renovations were started in the Tai sui area and then further proceeded to disturb the San sha area – robbery sha; calamity sha and annual sha areas.

It is interesting to note that the partner who started the renovations has an annual zi (indirect wealth) you Y (eating god) penalty in the year branch in his natal bazi chart; and a si U (direct resource) hai H(direct wealth) clash (day branch and luck phase). I know this can mean a lot of things but it also means his ideas creating wealth issues and issues at his work place specifically money flowing out.

The second partner has an annual xu X (friends) you Y(hurting officer) harms formation in her month branch. I guess you all know what this means, those who don’t, it means issues with business partner at workplace.

The renovations started in April 2017. Building facing is chen c.

Outcome till now (June 2017)

  • one of the partners had a surgery which is taking longer than usual to heal;
  • litigation against their establishment;
  • one of the employees had an accident;
  • friction between two of the partners;
  • health issues for one of the three partners;
  • one of the partners fell ill.

Remedies used

I will be sharing the remedies I have used after the year is over. All I can say is I have used both personal and annual dragon virtue; sun; nobleman stars also used elemental remedy for san sha and personal xuan kong da gua.  I have used good dates and time for the opening of the establishment. However all remedies were implemented after the areas were disturbed.

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