Feng Shui Tips for December 2017 – Ren Zi

What is on your mind this month? Moneyhealth, love, academic achievement, a job promotion. Continue reading to turn your dreams into a reality.

A month wise feng shui flying star analysis helps you to know how the stars in your room can affect your life e.g. in the month of December if you are using the west room in your office, then, chances are high you could get a promotion or else some form of recognition for your work. To find love use the northeast  or southwest room as your bedroom.

In the case, you are using an inauspicious room, then, the best approach is to understand the effect of the stars and be aware of your actions e.g. if you are using the east or south room, you know that you will suffer from health problems, then, be careful regarding your health; visit a doctor if you or your family member falls ill.

The auspicious rooms in December are northeast and west. The inauspicious rooms are east and south.  In the month of December you should avoid doing any renovation; construction or repair works  in the east, southeast 1, south, northwest and west.

Where is the money?

Wealth – West

Feng Shui Wealth

This month the future wealth star is visiting your west room. If you are using the west room as your office, or your business is located in the west corner of the building, then you will see an increase in your income. You will get new business opportunities. This is an excellent room to host financial meetings. The west room promotes new business opportunities.

The future wealth star promotes fixed assets, future business opportunities. If you are using the west room regularly you will get long-term financially profitable business opportunities. You might also invest in fixed assets such as land, property etc.

For a career boost then Gua 7, Gua 6 can use the west room, Gua 8 and Gua 2 southwest and northeast room, Gua 3, Gua 4 southeast room. The stars in these rooms will help you to achieve recognition in your work which could lead to a promotion. Gua 7Gua 2Gua 4 have more chances of a promotion then the other gua’s.

If you don’t have an office or your business is not located in the west or northeast, don’t worry, open the windows in the area and let the wealth qi flow in. Alternatively, you could place a wind chime or pendulum clock in the area.

Be healthy – avoid these rooms

Health – East and south

Feng Shui Health


Expecting mothers should avoid the south room. You could have an untimely delivery and in worst case scenario you could have a miscarriage. There are high chances of medical termination of pregnancy due to various complications. Recuperating patients, babies, children, elders of the house, people born in mao (rabbit) year, month, day, hour, Gua 9‘s should avoid the south room like the plague.

In December, the south room is doubly inauspicious as the annual #5 yellow star and the #2 black star makes it a room that will cause terminal illness; cell growth; difficult to diagnose health issues; stomach problems; digestive problems etc. The occupants of the south room, middle-aged females of the house especially the middle daughter, Gua 9’s and people born in wu (horse) days are prone to health problems.

If your kitchen or dining room is on the south side of the house then be careful while preparing food. There are chances of food going bad easily and food poisoning. If you have clogged pipes or leaking taps/pipes or  problems with your dishwasher then do repair them.

If your door is located in the south then you could face health related issues while traveling. It will be wise to carry antibiotics while traveling.

Remedy – The best remedy is to avoid the rooms. In the case, this is not possible then place six Chinese coins and salt water remedy in the rooms.

Avoid using the east room at all costs. Difficult to diagnose health issues, obstacles at work and financial problems. You could suffer from health issues related to the nose, bones, mental stress, cell growth. Children especially boys, the youngest son of the family, Gua 3’s and people born in wu (horse) days are will be more prone to health problems .

If your kitchen or dining room is on the east side of the house then be careful while preparing food. You may have to repair or replace your kitchen equipment.

If your door is located in the east then you could face health related issues while traveling. If you do fall sick while traveling consult a doctor immediately.

Expecting mothers; seniors of the house; babies and recuperating patients should avoid this room.

Remedy – The best remedy is to avoid the room. In the case, this is not possible then place six Chinese coins and salt water remedy in the room.

For the academically inclined

Education, creativity, marketing – Northeast

Feng Shui education

Great achievements and progress through perseverance. As a student, you should use the northeast room to achieve your academic goals. You will achieve success in your work.

The star combination in this area is perfect for writing and research industries. The northeast room can be utilized by anyone interested in learning or creating.  People working in creative fields such as poets, writers, composers, lyricist, graphic designers, artist, musicians etc will find their creative juices flowing in this room.

Besides scholars and academia’s the northeast is an excellent area for people involved in marketing, sales or any field that requires traveling.

Note- Place round or circular metal objects for better results..

Matters of the heart

Love – northeast

Feng shui love

Are you looking for a long term committed relationship? If yes, then you will benefit by using the northeast room. You can even use this room if you are already in a relationship and want to tie the knot.

Singles looking to find love can take advantage of the #4 star in the southwest by placing a bowl of fresh water and petals in the southwest room. Change the petals whenever they are dry or dirty. Couples already in a relationship should avoid placing water in the southwest as it could lead to extra marital affairs.

Gua 7Gua 2Gua 4 ladies and Gua 8 males have more chances of finding a partner. In same gender relationship males belonging to  Gua 1Gua 8Gua 6 and Gua 3; ladies belonging to Gua 7Gua 2Gua 9 will fare better than the rest of the gua’s.

Have a happy December 2017! Wishing you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas.

Note – This is a generalized feng shui prediction solely based on flying star feng shui analysis. Other feng shui methods have not been used. 

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