India in 2018 - Feng Shui, Bazi & Qi men dun Jia Analysis

India in 2018 – bazi, feng shui, qi men dun jia analysis

“A tryst with destiny” said Late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in India’s independence declaration speech. A destiny which has led India to become the fastest growing economy in the world (Sanctum Wealth Management report 2018).

The Chinese solar year uX Earth Dog will begin on 4th February 2018 at 05:38 Am. However, the Chinese New Year will be celebrated on 16th February 2018. The difference in both dates is because most Chinese Metaphysics calculations are based on the solar calendar whereas most Chinese festivals follow the lunar calendar.

In a micro level the change of the year brings forth a change in the fate of individuals; on a macro level there is a change in the fate of nations and the world. Fate can be calculated and predicted as those are the events that will occur. Understanding, preparing and planning for the events leads to creating one’s destiny. Simply put, destiny is created by actions and fate is predicted.

This post is about the events that will occur in India in 2018, my tools of predictions and analysis are feng shui, bazi and qi men dun jia. Predictions can be used to grow, plan, control, avert and reduce. Let me elaborate, for a nation metaphysical predictions can be used to grow financially; become an economy to be reckoned with; forge long term loyal relationships; have a strategic plan in place to pave the way for a better future; control the catastrophes with preventive and remedial measures; avert and reduce the problems even before they occur.

For my first analysis I am comparing India’s bazi chart with the annual 2018 bazi chart. India gained its independence on 15th August 1947 12:05 am. Below is India’s bazi chart followed by the annual 2018 bazi chart.

bazi 2018

When compared with the annual 2018 bazi chart it is evident that all the heavenly stems in India’s bazi chart are regarded as favorable elements in 2018. In 2018 fire element represents companion elements. This basically means India’s present government should concentrate on building relationships within the government, the country and internationally. Hosting as well as participating in different events will be good for India.

There is a yin y hai H combination that further leads to wood element being formed. This will further make the fire in India’s chart stronger. Yin y hai H is combination and destruction so India will have a great start in the beginning of the year and slow progress by the end of the year. International relations that were forged in the beginning of the year could be affected in the end of the year. As yin y represents policies and documents; hai H represents power – certain policies or treaties signed in the beginning of the year might not be adhered to at the end of the year and this could inadvertently reflect badly on the present government (power being hurt).

Hai H also represents the influence element a yin y hai H combination means a shift in power in the government because of the yin y shen S clash it can be predicted it will be related to money/finances. Delhi elections will be held again after 20 MLA’s were disqualified for violating the law (hai H), the law being that of holding an office of profit (shen S – wealth).

On the development front, SME’s and extremely small businesses related to fire, wood and earth elements will do well. There will be new innovations and ideas which could change the industry. The government should promote such businesses.

Industries India should consider developing and which will be profitable in 2018 are education, infrastructure, agriculture, farming, fashion, Indian medicine (ayurveda), food, aviation, futuristic technology, fuel, petroleum related products, religious studies, artillery, computers, fire arms, solar energy, electronics, real estate, natural resources, health care etc. Central government departments belonging to these industries should make strategic plans that will give the required push to become an economically independent department.

Job wise there will be many layoffs especially in industries related to finance, banking, insurance, automobile, shipping, transportation, steel and iron ore, FMGC, entertainment etc. These are also the industries that will face major problems during the year.

Shen S represents wealth, this year India could have a low economic growth or the Indian financial market could face a huge crunch, it will be unpredictable and happen overnight. Unless someone in the higher authority reads this predictions and decides to control and avert the issue.

With a zi t mao M penalty sexual assaults and crimes against women and children will continue to rise especially in smaller towns and villages. Starting help centers, educating the local police forces, forming special trained units to handle such issues will go a long way in helping the would be victims as well as the victims.

The second tool I use for my analysis is the 2018 flying star chart.

According to the feng shui analysis for India; the western and northern regions of India will be cause for concern. The western region will be effected end of March to May; end of June to August; end of December to February 2019. The northern region will be affected in end of June to August; end of September to November. Catastrophes that could occur are related to water, either too much water creating floods or too less water creating droughts. There is also potential of earthquakes. In the north chances are high Kashmir issues could flare up during the above mentioned months (xu X wei w penalty and xu X month – problems with upholding promises that were made in the past – entire Kashmir issue is about treaties, words and promises). Sad that the government way back in 1947 was uninformed of the yin y shen S (policies and wealth) clash or is it the shen S hai H(wealth and power) harms or is it yin y hai H (power being hurt by a partnership – Late Sheikh Abdullah and Late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru)!!

The Maoists in the east will be busy this year, their activities will cause an uproar amongst the public. The #7 red in the east (zhen 3) palace means people especially men being hurt by small metal (guns, knife’s and the sorts). This could also mean prominent men residing in the eastern region of India becoming victims of kidnapping; terrorism; murder; robbery. Or an extremely well known celebrity from the east might commit suicide (small metal, middle aged man). Months when these incidences could occur are end of January 2018 to April; end of June to August; end of August till October; end of November to January 2019. After writing the dates I just realized it’s nearly the entire year. Well, the warning bells have been sounded, only action is required.

Southeastern, central and northwestern regions of India will flourish. If you are looking to invest in India then you might want to check out the real estate in these areas. The real estate sector will see a rising trend in these areas. Infrastructure and industrial development will be happening in these areas. Events hosted in these regions of the country will rake in tremendous amount of money. Of course the date of the event and the location will play its role but generally it will be successful.

With the #9 purple star in the center, females will rule the roost. We will see many new female authority figures in the limelight especially from central, southern, eastern and western India. #9 purple star also represents the aviation, food, technology, heat or fire related energy, service industry therefore ladies from these industries could become the shining stars of the industry.

Northeast could be prone to bombing activities and/or earthquakes, #3 jade star is a wood star also known as thunder (loud sound) that is hurting the #2 black star (period star) and the #8 white star (di pan). It will be human activities (an angry mob) especially committed by middle aged men creating such sounds. It could also be regarded as middle aged men against each other – terrorist and police/army or the public against police/army. Sadly most of the victims will be women and children. On a happier note it could be the uprising of a middle aged man or men who will startle the entire nation and leave them speechless. Could it be that new power will rise in the northeast elections due to be held in Nagaland, Tripura, Meghalaya and Mizoram?

If the government of Assam decides to release the NRC final list in March 2018, it should be prepared for issues related to rioting and public uproar. In March 2018 the #7 red star visits the northeast with the #3 jade star this means violence involving metal equipments (guns, knife’s and the sorts); #2 black star and #7 red star indicate fire hazards especially for wooden houses (rural area houses) and bodily injury. Selecting a good date and location for releasing the final NRC draft can reduce a lot of the unnecessary bloodshed.

Moving on to the qi men dun jia chart for 4th February 2018 5:38am. Like in an annual bazi prediction we use the chart based on the starting date of the year, I am doing the same with qi men dun jia. Please note that this is not the traditional method. In the traditional method the year chart would be used. I find using the year chart method is limiting oneself to one way of thinking. A dynamic method such as qi men dun jia shouldn’t be limited. Traditionally qi men dun jia was used for implementing warfare strategy; in modern times qi men dun jia is also used for forecasting; spiritualism; divination etc.

Below is the qi men dun jia chart for 4th February 2018 5:38am. (Using qi men dun jia calculator –

Qi men dun jia chart

A quick look and one can say that the south and northwest are deemed to be the best areas. (Thanks to Master Ken Lai for his vast and in-depth course on Qi Men Dun Jia, the auspicious areas are already marked as good areas in the 1080 charts that are included in the course material).

In the feng shui flying star system the southern sector has the #4 academic star and in qi men dun jia the Jing door appears. Both deal with academics, beauty, fame etc. South India will be the educational hub in 2018; new educational institutes will come up; new precedents will be set by the students appearing for any exams from southern region of India. The next Miss India could be from this region or from central India. Literary excellence will be achieved by the authors from this region. With the yi stem this area becomes auspicious however yi being a yin stem things will tend to be more female oriented or feminine (soft).

In the feng shui flying star system the northwest sector has the #1 nobleman star and in qi men dun jia the kai door appears. The kai door means creating new opportunities, wealth and celebrations. If the Indian government plans most of its events in the northwestern region it is sure shot going to be successful. Promoting northwestern region will give rise to tourism as well. With Ren8 star playing the host to major events will be auspicious.

Predictions can be made however only destiny can be created. A happy Republic day to all Indians.

Note: This post reflects my opinions based on analysis made by using metaphysics tools such as bazi, feng shui and qi men dun jia.

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