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DIY Feng Shui locations inauspicious

DIY feng shui – your house’s inauspicious locations (bazhai)

Feng shui is not just about enhancing the auspicious stars. To get the maximum returns from your property (home, office or land) you need to understand the inauspicious stars as well. I call it defensive feng shui. In this post, you will know how to find the four inauspicious locations (rooms) in your home and office. Have a pen, notebook, transparent printing sheet, compass and your floor plan ready.

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diy fengshui

DIY feng shui – know your house facing direction

The first step in DIY feng shui is to know your house facing direction. In some buildings, it is easy to judge the facing direction because it is the same as the main door direction (illustration is given below). But, when the direction of the door and the direction of the building facing is different, then one needs to judge the situation. In this blog post, I will be sharing a few examples of how to judge the house facing direction. The examples given below are real life examples taken from my consultation files. You will also know how to take compass measurements and the 24 directions in feng shui.

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