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Feng shui tips for September 2016 (Ding you)

Flying star #4 - September 2016Do you want to make money this month? Or maybe find love? Follow the feng shui tips listed in this post to have a happy, healthy and prosperous September 2016. I have also included an infographic for the same.

A feng shui flying star analysis helps you to know how the stars in your room can affect your life e.g. in the month of September if you are using the south room in your office, then, you are bound to see an increase in your income.  To find love use the southwest room as your bedroom.

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7 feng shui mistakes to avoid in 2016

7 feng shui mistakes to avoid in 2016 [infographic]

In feng shui “prevention is always better than cure”. Every year I meet many people who make unintentional feng shui mistakes and suffer the consequences. Personally, I have seen people getting duped by their business partners; having near fatal accidents; getting into major legal entanglements; suffering from wrong financial decisions; marriages falling apart and the list goes on. The reason they have suffered is because unknowingly they have violated certain annual feng shui rules.

Let’s start with a graphic you can use for future reference. This infographic will help you and your loved ones to be informed about what not to do in 2016 so that you can be healthy, happy and prosperous in 2016. If you are confused with all the information then bookmark this page or better still take a print out of the same. Read Full Post…